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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors This Winter!

Summer is a season many of us spend outdoors with so many activities to keep us busy, but when winter rolls in, many of us get the blues. One of the best way to enjoy winter, is to actually face it and spend time outdoors. And though we will talk about your traditional winter activities, we want to bring other fun things to do to your attention. Just remember to dress appropriately! The proper clothing will make the world of difference!

So here is out TOP 5 ways to enjoy the outdoors this winter:

1. Participate in winter sports

Skating, skying, snowshoeing, and sledding are your predictable winter activities, but there are plenty of ways each of these activities can be done. Many adults are choosing to take figure skating lessons as a form of exercise and method of enjoyment, Like the idea of downhill skying but don't trust your balance too much? Look into downhill tubing for a different take on sledding. Go for a bird watching nature walk in snowshoes.

2. Try a summer sport in Winter

If you live somewhere without snow, this may be obvious, as keeping active will keep you warmer, but if you have slow, it might not have occurred to you to try your favorite summer sport in winter. Playing soccer in the snow will add a new dimension to the game, while volleyball can actually be a lot of fun when diving into the snow. What other sport can you think of playing outside in winter?

3. Have a campfire

Campfires are reminiscent of long summer nights and great conversation, but as the sun sets earlier and the weather gets colder in winter, campfires make just as much (if not more) sense in the "off-season". Bundle up, pull up a chair and snuggle with a blanket while cooking your hot dogs or marshmallows. Add in a warm hot chocolate in your hands and you've got winter bliss.

4. Play like a kid

As children, we typically love the snow, but the inconvenience it poses to our busy adult lifestyle makes us less happy about it. However, if we go out and enjoy it the way we did as children, by building forts, having snowball fights, and making snow angels, we rediscover a simpler fun and for a moment, we get to slip back into a joyful innocence.

5. Skip the outdoors

This may seem like strange advice on an article about enjoying the outdoors, but we want to point out that the outdoors can be enjoyed from the indoors. Open your curtains wide, and let the beautiful scenery reach you indoors as you curl up with a blanket, a book, a warm beverage and, if you are lucky, a fire crackling in the fireplace,
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