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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 5 Things You Should Look At When Shopping For A Tent.

So you are planning a camping trip and suddenly find yourself in need of a tent. But what seems like a simple task can turn into a search of epic proportion once you realize all the different tents available on the market. How do you chose the perfect home away from home?

Your best choice will depending on several factors, but we have out top 5 tips to making that decision.

1. Consider the size you will need.

Tent manufacturers will give you dimension along with a guideline of how many people will fit in this tent. Keep in mind there is no industry standard on how this is measured. Unless you plan on being very cozy, a 2 people tent will probably be too small for too people. Once you factor in air mattresses (if you plan to use them) and luggage, you are probably looking at a 4-6 people tent for you and your companion. If you are camping with a family, the kids might take less space but their mattresses will still need to be accounted for.

We recommend finding YouTube videos of people giving you a tour of the tent model you are interested in buying in order to get a better indication of size.

2. Look for the Appropriate Weather Rating or Seasonality

Most people prefer camping in three season weather and as such most average tents you will find out there will be 3 season tents. These tents will usually have mesh venting but also a rain fly to keep you dry.

However if you plan to be camping in the off season or during severe weather, you will want to look for a tent with a 3-4 season or 4 season weather rating. Keep in mind that though those tents are meant to keep you protected in more severe weather, they will have less (or no) mesh opening and may feel stuffy in mild or warm weather.

3. Compare the tent features and decide which are important to you

Features such as peak height will determine whether you can stand in your tent, though the shape of the tent will also be a factor. Dome tents tend to be sturdier in the wind, but only have their peak height in the center, while a cabin style tent should have straighter walls, and a more even height throughout the tent.

The doors and window features will also affect your decision, a few tents now offer a hinged door but this is more rare. Normally you will be dealing with a zipper door. Some tents will offer two doors, while others only one. The number of windows your tent offers will not only affect your personal design tastes, but also the ventilation.

Poles and set-up. Tents are easier and easier to assemble these days and we are seeing more and more "instant-tents" out there. Those tents are a breeze to set-up but might be a little heavier and a bit more bulky when folded. A simpler design will have less poles and be easier to assemble but a tent with more poles may offer you more features.

Most tents are manufacturer with a much better material than they used to be and offer factory-taped floor and fly seams. However, if you are a heavy camper and plan to use your tent more than just once or twice a season, you might want to pay attention to the quality of the fabric. You'll want to look at a higher denier for a higher durability.

4. Don't skip the details

Sometimes the details are what makes the difference. Bonus things such as mesh storage, storage lofts, or vestibules can help you keep organized. While a footprint (A sort of under your tent layer made just to protect your specific tent (instead of using a random sized tarp that can cause more trouble than it saves) is more than just luxury.

5. Compare prices

If you are looking for a high quality tent that is either made to stand up to stronger weather or more light weight to accommodate hiking, you'll probably be paying a premium price, however if you are looking for a tent for weekend camping and the occasional longer spell, you might want to consider some of the more budget options. Some tents that are manufactured on the same line are sold to different companies for very different price points. Make sure you find the features that are important to you and read the reviews carefully before making your purchase, but a little shopping around may save you a lot of money.

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