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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Top 5 children’s outdoor furniture that will seamlessly blend into your space

Today's guest blogger is Samantha, a mother of three who also works full time. Sam claims that she runs on coffee and bad jokes.   

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, I'd give them the moon if I could! But have you notice how much ugly crap we end up accumulating for them? They take over our entire lives; they take over our sleep, they take over our schedules, they take over our house, and then they take over our backyards!

You know what I mean, right? Like we can automatically tell when a household has young children by how much overly bright chunky plastic furniture and play structures are in their yards! It's ugly enough when it's new, but with time it gets sun-bleached and you find yourself fantasizing about when you were newlyweds and your backyard was an oasis (I exaggerate, obviously!).

Look, if you're like me, you complain halfheartedly and make bad jokes about how miserable you are but you really want to make your child happy! You don't want to deprive them of a nice place where they can exercise their creativity and get all that great outdoors fun, do you?

My life is all about compromise. When you are juggling a marriage, 2 kids and a demanding job, you learn to compromise. I want it all, and I make it work. So when it comes to buying furniture for my kids, I have become somewhat of an expert at finding things that are fun for the kids but won't make my space look like a junkyard! (It's really not too much to ask!)

So, in the Top 5 Network list format, I'm going to give you my opinion on 5 pieces of outdoor furniture that are perfect for your home (well, at least they are perfect for mine, so feel free to buy them for me... except for the double chaise, I already bought it!)

(I think I'm supposed to write a disclaimer here that clicking on the links will bring you to the product's Amazon page):

KidKraft Cabana Sandbox

Alright, so if you've wasted as many Sundays perusing Pinterest as I have, you might have come across the genius (but tacky) idea of putting your kids sandbox in a pop-up tent. Gives the kids shade and allows you to close it up so that your sandbox doesn't become your neighborhood's litter box. Double win, right?

Until you start imagining that pop-up tent permanently erected in your backyard. I mean you might as well surround it with chunky sun-bleached plastic furniture while you are at it, am I right?

But like I said, I loved the idea and so when I volunteered to make a post about children's outdoor furniture, I immediately set-out to find a replacement idea that would look good in my garden! (And I'm so going to be buying this for next summer!)

Kiddie Resin Back Bench, Safari

At first glance this might be a bit more for mommy than the kiddos. It's a kid's take on the classic garden bench! Maybe kids don't really care about classics or that this little gem is a beauty, but he or she will most likely LOVE that they have a park bench just for them! It can become a huge part in imagination play as they pretend to be in Central Park or some other adventure while the animal design will inspire pretend play involving zoos and safaris!

 KidKraft Outdoor Table and Bench Set

So you'll soon figure out that I LOVE this KidKraft line. I tried to include products from other lines, but I'd honestly could have done a top 5 of just KidKraft stuff from this specific line!

This set is so adorable, it actually makes me want to prepare and serve a meal (that will then get left uneaten, of course!)

It's all matchy-matchy with the genius sandbox above and it's durable and comfortable. Those cushions are sure to get dirty, but they are easily removable and should be easy enough to wash (and stain guard is my friend!) I can totally see my children doing crafts, playing restaurant, or eating their meals at this table! The cushions and umbrella have a fun stripe pattern but in a neutral tone that will suit any space. One thing to keep in mind is that reviewers are mentioning that the wood color is lighter in person.

Farmhouse Table and Chairs

I included this set because I thought it was nice to have a set that could go from indoors to out and look great in both settings. It has a simple design that will not stand out and call too much attention to itself (Basically it's not screaming out, "My small children have taken over my life!") The table space is big enough for a few children to work on or for your child to spread out.

KidKraft Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge

Though I bought the version of this chaise in oatmeal, I kinda really love the navy and white one. (I'm kind of having a crisis right now thinking I made the wrong decision!)

When I first saw this set, it made me want to squee from the adorableness! (I mean a very quiet, internal squee, because I'm not exactly the squeeing type...)

I love the idea of this little lounge at the pool side (we're hoping to have one put in in the next couple of years), or in a sunny spot in the garden. It's truly the perfect spot for your little one to read or nap (Just make sure they are protected from the sun) or for imagination to take place.

For more product reviews and peace of mind decision making check out our other top 5 videos on the Top 5 Network YouTube channel. 

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