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Friday, July 4, 2014

Top 5 Benches for your Garden

Hi! I'm Stacey and last summer, I went a little insane researching for the perfect bench for my home. So when Top 5 Network asked me if I could make a post about garden benches, I felt confident that I had a few things I could say about them!

Until I started looking for a bench to place at my front porch, I never realized how many choices there were or how challenging choosing a garden bench could be. I imagined I would simply go to a garden center, buy a bench and bring it home. But there was nothing affordable that I actually liked in the store, so I took my search online.

Parks have them, bus stops have them, but I didn't have one! I wanted a bench that could serve as a space to take off muddy boots or just to relax with a glass of lemonade on a hot summer evening. I also hoped for something that was not only practical but could serve as a focal piece on my front porch. This whole scene had been carefully created in my head and I didn't want to settle for anything else. I had imagined large pots with annuals surrounding it. And yes, I have to admit, in my imagination, my whole neighborhood became friendlier when I was sitting on my bench on summer evenings, walking passed and greeting me.

So I began my online search and not only did I find the perfect bench for me, but I also found several more that I loved!

My Top 5 Garden Bench selection (Clicking on the links will bring you to these products on Amazon):

This is the bench I bought! I liked that this bend had a classic look that would look great with just about any decor (in case I changed my mind on where I wanted to put it). I could immediately imagine this bench in a rose garden (I started planting some, but half didn't survive the winter!). It could also look good in a modern minimalist type of outdoor space (not my style, but I think this makes its resale value higher). It is metal and durable and with proper care, should be a piece I can pass on to future generation (My children are not yet old enough to be interested in the fact that they could inherit this bench, though!). 


This bench is like the transformer of garden benches! (I bet that's something you never thought you would hear!) It coverts from a bench a table and stool which is great if you have a smaller garden! I'm hoping to eventually get two of them for my backyard so it can makes a picnic table that can sit my family of 4! This is perfect for my small backyard since I can have seating most days and a picnic table when I need it without too much clutter! 

This is another metal classic bench that has the potential to become a family heirloom. I very much hesitated between this one and the one I ended up choosing! This bench has a more romantic design and more curves than your traditional bench, and I kind of loved that, but my husband preferred the straighter lines on the Cozumel bench. I can totally see this bench as the focal point of the lush English garden I will one day create in my front yard! 

This bench actually rocks! (Like literally!) So this bench would have been awesome for my lemonade on a hot summer night fantasy! We decided it wasn't the right bench for our family because it was much less convenient of a place to sit on to take off our boots, but I have to admit I love this bench and if I ever get a larger home with a big wrap around porch (A woman can dream!) I would buy this bench in a heartbeat! It would also look good on a balcony, a patio, or in a garden and I love to imagine quiet summer nights rocking with a cup of tea (or wine) in hand. (Fireflies optional).

The name of this bench sounds sturdy and manly, doesn't it? My husband loved this one. It's a large wooden bench that is perfect for a country space. It looks like a classic but it has two bonus twists with it's trays and glider base. I thought it didn't look as dainty and romantic as the Wrought Iron Lattice Rocker, but my husband pointed out with a rocker like this, we would have somewhere to put down our cups of tea, leaving our hands free for better snuggling. He can be a romantic sometimes! 

For more product reviews and peace of mind decision making check out our other top 5 videos on the Top 5 Network YouTube channel
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