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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Top 5 Garden Hoses

Hi Everyone, this is Kevin and I'm a guest blogger for Top 5 Network. When I saw they were looking for someone to blog about garden hoses, I knew I was their guy!

Garden hoses are something I gave very little thoughts to until I actually needed to use one. Then, I'd try to put off the task of watering the garden, dreading the struggle. You know what I mean! Trying to untangle it, fighting to prevent it from kinking, and then having to loop it all back up for storage... just to do it all over again. The whole ordeal becomes a little too much to deal with on a day to day basis, and then I'd end up letting our lawns and gardens go dry.

My wife was unhappy (the whole "you had one job" type of argument, which is quite valid), I was cranky (because untangling a hose doesn't seem that bad until you are doing it his mid-summer triple-digit heat, and we don't usually do the whole nagging wife, lazy husband stereotype, you know? I help out. If I forget to do something or she needs help with something I didn't think of doing, she points it out and it gets done... But the watering was something else.

But on one especially bad day, when I swore the hose I was dealing with was part snake, with a mind of its own, I had, had it! Enough was enough! I obviously wasn't going to leave the job to my (at the time) largely pregnant wife, but something had to change. There had to be a better solution and if there wasn't, We'd either move into a condo or I'd have to quit my job and become a hose inventor!)

So I researched and it turns out there are plenty of hoses that won't cause you headaches (which is good because I had no idea how to proceed with becoming an inventor and the real estate market is not the best for us to be moving right now) and I curated to Top 5 for you here (in case you are also at the end of your rope ... uh hose!):

LawnPRO 50’ Expanding Garden Hose

I love expanding hoses but my research made me worry about their durability. A lot if these "As seen on TV' ones seem to be hit or miss and I didn't want to trade one problem for another. (And quite frankly, a hose exploding on me, doesn't seem fun). But I got excited about the reviews on this one. This 50' hose is both lightweight and durable and probably long enough to reach where you need to reach!

Kink-Free - Means that I'm not fighting with it.
5,000 Denier Woven Casing - Makes it strong (and comfortable to hold).
Copper Fittings - Means the fittings won't melt or warp or break.
Steel Assembly Clamps - Makes it durable and strong.
12 Month Manufacturers Warranty - Gives me confidence in the product.
And the Free Storage Bag - Is not only a fun little bonus but makes me excited that this hose will fit in a storage bag!

HedgX 50' Expandable Garden Water Hose

Though this hose (another expanding one, my favorite type) was advertised on TV, it is a quality one, and not one of the cheap ones with the plastic fittings. I'm going to be ordering this hose for myself because I love that this hose came with a bonus 9-way nozzle, a holder, heavy duty top brass fittings, a metal valve, washers and a storage bag!

Tuff-Guard The Perfect Garden Hose

Though I'm enamored with these expandable hoses, I thought I'd look into other options and this one is awesome!

Though this hose will take more space in your garden, it is durable in a way that the other lightweight hoses may not be able to compete with. It is kink-free which is one of my most important areas to judge a hose on and can handle some pretty low temperature if you're living in moderately cold climates and forget to bring it in for winter!

50 Foot Expanding Garden Water Hose by Titan

The first thing I thought when I saw this garden hose is that I liked the silver-gray color. It won't be an eyesore as will camouflage nicely on my patio stones. The funny thing is that the company itself refers to themselves as the original gray garden hose, so I guess it must be one of their distinguishing factors.

However there seems to be more to this hose than just its cool gray color! It has leak-resistant solid brass connectors, a super strong and durable double layer latex core, and it's expandable, flexible, and Lightweight.

ANTEQI Expandable Flexible Hose

Surprise, surprise, I found yet another expanding water hose that I like. I have to re-iterate that these expandable hoses are not all made equal and my neighbor has had a few expanding hoses from other brands explode on him. This is why a strong hose is so important. And why I'm so excited about expanding hoses that have great reviews!

This hose has a double latex core (so important because if the core burst or gets a hole, the hose won't expand properly anymore), extra strength fabric, a 9-way spray nozzle, brass connectors, and a bonus nylon hook

For more product reviews and peace of mind decision making check out our other top 5 videos on the Top 5 Network YouTube channel

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