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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Top 5 Badminton sets that will take fun to the next level

Today's guest blogger is Jesse. He's a college student who is looking to get more active in his downtime. 

Though, I'd love to get into it competitively, for the time being, I'm just looking for a fun activity to do with my mates at the park across the street. So far college has been all studying and video games which is really not what I had in mind when I imagined my future, you know?

I think doing some sports will really help me out in so many ways (including my waistline which is slowly but surely expanding!). There is no basketball hoop nearby and I'm not feeling confident enough to join a soccer game, so I decided I would take up badminton.

Actually when I was younger, my family would play while camping or during family picnics. Sometimes we would set up in the backyard too.

So I decided I needed a net, it's so much easier to start a game than join one. Makes it easy for me to meet people (hopefully girls too). And I think I will get in better shape while having a blast. I'm already seeing it... Net on the beach, a few cold ones, girls... The perfect summer fantasy, right?

Choosing a net wasn't easy. I'm a picky guy, I want to get the best that my money can buy. But I'm also a college guy, who has to eat ramen more often than I'd like to admit because money gets tight. So, I did mega research and I will share my top 5 nets with you.

Strong Camel LARGE Volleyball Badminton Tennis Net 

I liked that this large net comes with a carrying bag that makes it easy to carry with me. Though I want to mostly use it at the park in front of my pad, I'm also hoping to find something I can strap against my back and bike over to the beach with.

It claims to have an easy set-up which is very important if you are putting it up and taking it down for every game. The net looks good and professional and I don't think I'd have any complaints if I had gotten that one.

EastPoint Sports Deluxe Volleyball and Badminton Set

I chose this set because it contains everything I need (sport-wise) for a day out at the park or beach! The net is easy to carry and set-up and it comes with steal badminton rackets, a birdie, and a volleyball! I wasn't looking for a volleyball net, and yet I find myself using the volleyball more often than the badminton!

You have to admit that this set looks pretty lit. I almost bought this one but on my college budget, I decided it was better to get the one that had the volleyball too so that I got a two in one type of deal. 

My research told me that Baden is one of the leading names when it comes to net sports, and the reviews tell me that they deliver a solid product with this set.

From what I hear, this set is entirely focused on the professional badminton experience. Kinda cool if you ask me (and Top 5 Network did ask me!).

You can see why I chose one with a volleyball and badminton, because how else could I chose otherwise. I kept finding more and more great nets!

This is another set entirely focused on badminton. It has everything you need and easy to set up for  a professional grade fun. The park and sun name brand did attract me since that's how I plan to spend my time!

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Set

This one has to be my favorite technically. I bought the EastPoint one because of better pricing (only slightly better but I have to be careful with my budget!) but this one has everything the EastPoint set had, but with a much more cool black and red look and the Baden name!

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